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Terms & Conditions

  • A minimum of twelve (12) bottles is required
  • Orders must be placed two (2) weeks prior to the desired delivery date
  • Free delivery for the tourists
  • Method of payments:
    Tourists: Cash on delivery
    Locals: Debit or Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard) payments


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Product information

Rum Palmera White
Rum Palmera Dark
Palmera Coconut Rum
Palmera Lemon Rum
Palmera Koekoei Liqueur

Specifics and Prices:
Bottle SizeMaterial & ShapePrice per bottle*Quantity
50 MLPlastic Round2.26
200 mlGlass Flat4.66
350 mlGlass Flat6.60
350 mlGlass Round6.60
700 mlGlass Round11.94
1.0 LGlass Round14.85
*All prices are in $ and include local taxes

(available only for 50ml bottles)
Souvenir Box
(includes four 50ml bottles)
Price *Quantity
Standard labels12.10
Customized labels15.00

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Disclosure: PQP sells only to legal aged consumers.