About us

PQP maintains a forward thinking approach by staying up to date with trends in the beverage market, to provide an extensive line of different (non) alcoholic beverages at affordable prices.

Today PQP produces many different beverages in its own processing plant and imports a few internationally well-known brands. PQP produces products locally from carefully developed formulas that meet international standards;  washing and labeling take place manually.


Formulas are also enhanced to meet the taste of the customers and commercial clients, thus earning PQP the status of ‘connoisseur’ of  ‘A Taste of Aruba’.


In addition PQP offers:

    Local Private Palmera’s Product Lines/Categories: Locally prepared (non) alcoholic beverages are marketed under PQP’s own private registered trademark brands.
    Recycling Program: PQP helps to protect the environment; we serve the market by recycling bottles and utilizing sustainable technologies in its operations, among waste reduction and environmentally friendly projects.

Besides this PQP puts it’s many years of experience in producing and launching new and adapted formulations of beverages to use for its long standing consumers/customers.


PQP is dedicated to its mission to inspire moments of relaxation and happiness PQP strengthens its mission by maintaining a continued commitment to work within the company with pride and dedication to achieve the best performance for PQP, which in turn enables them to continue working in unity and make a positive contribution to the local community.


Exceptional quality is best achieved by working together to deliver products of fine tastes at an affordable price while offering exceptional customer service. Through this culture of unity and quality, PQP builds a community of mutual respect among its staff by providing a safe and secure workplace; contributes to the community by raising awareness of ‘Smart Drinking’ and acts ethically and with integrity at all times.


PQP proudly looks forward to continue to serve Aruba for many more years!